Why It Works

Coach, communicate and educate your athletes, anytime, anywhere.
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Executive Director at Arizona Basketball Coaches Association
"The ability to communicate across multiple platforms is invaluable. As a coach, we need to be smart and efficient in order to streamline communication, CoachNow provides that and more."
Founder of Altus Performance and 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year
"CoachNow is the most important tool a coach can have to extend and enhance relationships with athletes. I haven't had a parent, player or coach not amazed at the platform and its mechanism to communicate and collaborate."
Human Performance for Sports and Yoga for Golfers, Coaching Certification
"Through my Katherine Roberts' Human Performance for Athletes Certification, I find myself working with people from all over the globe.

With CoachNow I'm able to maintain continuity of communication with my clients while they are going through their certification process.

Being able to communicate and share information in one single platform has helped me keep all my clients engaged and on track."
Team Training
Youth, College, National, Pro
When coaching a team, there are multiple players and positions, dozens of parents and additional coaches. In order to keep everyone on the same page, CoachNow has created Groups, for better communication, notifications and media sharing. Stay connected 24/7 and never miss a beat.
1-on-1 Training
Skill Training, Personal Training, Physical Therapy
Coaching multiple athletes or even one athlete, demands time, feedback and communication. With CoachNow, we help you eliminate texts, emails, and spreadsheets by providing you an all-in-one digital platform at the palm of your hand. Allowing you to collaborate with your athletes, coaches and parents in real-time for real results.
Academy, Training Facility, Gym Owner
Running an academy or a gym has never been easier than with CoachNow. Even if you have multiple locations all coaches and athletes can finally be on the same page in less time, in fact most academy coaches report saving 20 hours a week in admin time with CoachNow.